Why Boresha

Why Boresha?

In Kenya, although there is free primary education for public schools, the costs of textbooks are not catered for in the government subsidies. Approximately three-quarter of the 15m Kenyan learners cannot afford textbooks which can account to 50% of the annual cost of school expenses.

The educational products created by Boresha Ltd. are very affordable, comprehensive, diverse and accessible. They incorporate text, videos, electronic assessments and games at less than 10% of the cost of the textbooks required. A whopping 90% savings.

Because the content is digital, any changes in the curriculum and new content can easily be uploaded and disseminated to the learners and the teachers immediately. In addition, the content is available in many formats; PC/Laptops/tablets, DVD’s and mobile applications. It is also downloadable and available offline.

Boresha aims to make learners move at their own pace, guided or otherwise. The learning is fun, interactive and parents can also engage and participate in the learning. For the areas in the country with underprivileged and vulnerable children due to poverty, unrest and cultural practices, the content can be easily distributed by education officers, church leaders and other leaders in the community for the benefit of the learners.

We strongly believe that Boresha Ltd. will help redress the rampant inequality in the Kenyan education system by supplying excellent local educational content at a very affordable cost

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Kaboke House, State House Avenue, P.O Box 47437 – 00100, Nairobi
Email: support@boresha.co.ke ,Tel: +254 20 232 23 81 / 020 232 24 09

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Teacher/students capacity building can help reduce the fear of computers as disruptive to education https://t.co/alavo1T0JH
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